A Brief Introduction

17 01 2007

I’m a college junior who is currently in the (lengthy) process of an orthodox conversion. 

This will be a place for me to hammer out my thoughts on Judaism, conversion, and probably anything else that I feel like writing about.  I’m one of those people who’s response to problems is to talk them over endlessly, until I sort them out.  I suppose in a lot of ways I’m hoping that by opening up that thought process to other people, by showing it to someone else (even if that someone else doesn’t know who I am, and I don’t know who they are) that I’ll be forced to solidify what I think into something that can be expressed in words.  I’ll be able to describe why I’m doing what I’m doing in more detail that “It’s just, well, you know…..”  (Amazingly, there is one person I’ve talked to who heard that and actually did understand what I meant. )  If I make myself write things down, then I’ll be that much clearer on what it is I really think about the matter. 

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a real post to put up, but it’s the first day of classes, so we’ll see. 





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