Amusing stories

20 01 2007

I was tidying up my food on my shelves today after rearranging my room, and was reminded of an amusing story after finding a can of tomato paste that was left with me after one of my friends went abroad this semester.  All last semester, one of my friends who lives in my building and I cooked together, since we were both off the meal plan because we keep kosher.  She had slightly less strict standards than I do, so every time we cooked using her ingredients, there would be a short discussion about what I was comfortable eating of what she had.  Well, this particular day we were cooking pasta, and trying to decide what to put on it, since her sauce wasn’t hekshered.  She looks around for a bit, and says, “I have this tomato paste, which is at least minimally hekshered.  I wouldn’t take it for meat, but for parve stuff it’s good enough, is that ok with you?”  She hands me the can, and I discover that her idea of a minimal heksher includes CircleK (or OK, I’ve heard it both ways).  She did explain to me (once I stopped laughing) that in her mind it was somewhere between the reliability of a plain K and the OU, and so she had never looked into it. 

I also had a discussion with the same person about how we didn’t understand the rational behind saying that since you can’t keep kosher perfectly to orthodox standards (when you are affiliated reform) you might as well eat bacon cheeseburgers.  I pointed out that this was rather like saying that if you can’t keep shabbos perfectly, you might as well spend the whole day burning things.  She then said (and I totally agree with her on this)”Actually, spending a whole day burning things sounds like a lot of fun! But we shouldn’t do it on Shabbat, we should wait until after havdalah.  There should still be a couple of hours of daylight left then.” 

Yes, she is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and this was really her at her ditziest, but astronomy is really not one of her strong points.  🙂 

In other news, last night I figured out how to explain why I’m converting well to other people. Of course, it was at 1 in the morning, on Shabbat, so I couldn’t write it down, and now have to reconstruct the whole thing, but still, it’s nice to have made at least some progress on that.  Shavua Tov!




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