Join the club, we’ve got sweatshirts.

30 01 2007

So, there are (realistically speaking) very few benefits to converting rather than being born Jewish.  Most of the things I’ve mentioned before would be equally true for anyone becoming observant, not just someone who’s converting. 

I feel like I have a bit more freedom to find my own place in Judaism, with out feeling like I have to conform to my family’s standards.  I have  a few friends who have started to become more observant in college (in one case keeping kosher, and in the other Shabbat) and in both cases they feel like they can’t really hold to that observance at home, since their parents just act as if they are doing the same thing as always.  That’s not to say I havn’t had my own issues with my family, I have, but it’s a different sort of problem.

Also, there’s the whole “God loves converts better/special” idea (Basically, God loves us special, since we’re becoming Jewish of our own free will, rather than because we’ve just been rescued from slavery or because our family has always been Jewish) 

And really, that’s pretty much it.  However, because my friend and I felt like there wern’t enough upsides to converting, we decided we needed to make some upsides of our own.  So we designed sweatshirts that say:

Floor length denim skirt …..  $20

Books … Your entire bank account

Having your Jewish cultural knowledge trumped by a two year old … Your pride

Becoming one of the chosen people … Priceless





2 responses

3 02 2007

What about the food benefit of conversion?

Plus ya don’t hav ta forget to make excuses for the inquisition. I could go on and on and on…


3 02 2007

The food benifits work out to a wash I think. I mean, yeah, I get some really great food, and I never have to eat bugs or pork again, but I lose quite a lot of really great candy, cheeseburgers, tacos, etc.
And I never felt like I had to make excuses for the inquisition before, but (strangly) I do end up standing up for Catholics more now than I ever did before.

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