If I cannot fly, let me sing!

1 02 2007

I had something I wanted to write about tonight, but I’ve totally forgotten it, since I spent my whole evening going though my musical theater books, and my musical collection on my computer trying to find songs to do in voice lessons this semester.  This is easier said than done, since just in female solos in my voice range I have 5 hours and 52 minutes of music on my computer (that is not even the slightest exaggeration.  I’m a bit of a musical freak, since I like music I can sing along to).  Once you eliminate the songs that don’t meet the criteria my teacher gave me (Really beautiful piece, which means more lyric than silly and fun) I’m left with almost 3 hours of music.  Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to 6  songs, and I have the music for four of them, and I’ve inter-library requested the other two, so I’ll bring in them all and let my teacher make the call.  Or maybe he’ll let me do all of them?  That would be fun. 🙂  So anyway, I’ve thoroughly forgotten what I wanted to write about, even though it was really really interesting.  Always the way it works I suppose…

Anyway, here’s a totally unrelated amusing thing I realized today.  I seem to have this “innocent little girl” thing going that’s working out really well for me.  I’ve always gotten away with little things that I probably shouldn’t have, like how I’ve gotten pulled over twice while driving, once for turning right on red (which is legal in my state, but apparently I cut off some woman who I maintain wasn’t anywhere near the crosswalk, but the officer disagreed with me)  and once for turning left out of a right turn only lane (in my defense, it was the left most lane, it was poorly signed and it was dark out) and both times not only have I not gotten a ticket, but they didn’t even asked to see my licence and registration.  I recently turned 21 (within the past couple months) and yet I didn’t get carded buying alcohol at the liquor store.  I regularly carry metal knitting needles on the airplane, and have never gotten pulled aside for extra screening, even on international flights.  My most recent discovery?  Everyone is complaining about all the new regulations about plane travel and liquids, and when I flew home I carefully put all my liquids in a small Ziploc in less than 3 oz containers just like everyone was supposed to.  However, I was cleaning out my suitcase this afternoon and found that I had flown to home and back with a 4 oz bottle of lotion in my suitcase, not in the Ziploc.  How did security not find this in 2 checks?  Or did they find it and they just assumed that the tiny white girl probably wasn’t going to try to blow up the plane?  Should I be glad I get off that easy, or should I be worried that they aren’t catching these things?  Maybe I should just file this one under “Things that make you go ‘hmmm…'”




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