Little Things That Make Me Happy

8 02 2007

Good things: 

– The heat is on in my dorm room.  It’s been broken since I got back to school, but now it’s working.  My room is in the toasty mid 60s now, as opposed to before when it was in the low 60’s high 50’s.  Nothing is worse than having to get out of bed for a 9 am class when you’re room is freezing.  But now it’s warm again.

-Long conversation with a friend who I don’t get to see at all since she’s abroad this sem, who reminded me that I do actually have friends. 

– Playing loud music on my speakers and singing along, and not caring who hears me. 

-The fact that RedRose tea tastes like home. 🙂

– My nalgene splash guard looks like this:


(get your own here

Having your nalgene smile at you when you drink out of it is priceless. 

-I’ve found the showers in my dorm that range from just barely to hot to stand in to scalding.  This is happy, since it’s better than my previous option of “about as cold as you can get water without adding salt to so cold you don’t warm up again for 20 minutes after getting out”. 

– I know exactly where the circuit breaker is in my room. Did you know that 3 lamps, a laptop, a mini fridge, my speakers, a running microwave and my tea kettle are all it takes to trip the breaker?  and that not only does this happen the first 4 times you try and run all those things at once, it also happens when you try it again 2 weeks later?  See, now you know.  Life lesson learned: Find the circuit breaker before you unpack so you don’t have to move all your furniture looking for it.  Or maybe, don’t run so many appliances at once.  Either way. 

And now I need to go write my prelab that’s due in 2 hours.  Have a good evening everyone!




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