Why Do I Make Things Difficult For Myself?

10 02 2007

So, I’m applying to the summer program at HU.  (Any suggestions people have about whether I should do the modern Hebrew Jerusalem Ulpan, or the Bib. Heb. program would be welcome, I havn’t made up my mind yet, and can think of advantages to both.)  One of the questions is “Would you prefer to room with another Shomer Shabbat/Shomer Kashrut student?”  and there’s a check box. 

Seems simple, no?  Of course not!  Yes, I would love to live with someone who is observant, since I have very few friends my age who are observant.  BUT checking that box means I’ll be living with someone else who would check that box.  Do I really want to be living with the sort of person who only wants to live with someone else who is observant?   And if I don’t check that box, what if I end up rooming with someone who keeps doing random things with the lights all Shabbat?  Or if I end up with someone who’s violently secular?   And if I decide to check the box, will someone else who checks that box really be ok with living with someone who is observant, but isn’t Jewish yet?anyway, I’ve gone back and forth on this a million times, and probably won’t decide for sure until I submit the application.  Yay for over-thinking everything.

Shavua tov!  Hope you all have a wonderful week.




3 responses

14 02 2007
Yoel Ben-Avraham

I remember an acquaintance who checked the box without a thought. Ended up with a Black African Christian who checked the box because he wanted to learn and experience everything associated with the Land and Judaism. They had a great summer!

14 02 2007
Yoel Ben-Avraham

Feel free to give the Ben-Avraham’s of Shilo, Benyamin a call. We’d love to have you as a guest. YBA

14 02 2007

Thanks! I may not be allowed outside of the city if I go to Israel, that will have to be negotiated with my mom, but I’ll definetly keep it in mind. And I’m thinking I’ll check the box, and then see what happens. It’s only for a month, so no matter how bad it is, I’ll live, and maybe I’ll room with someone great. It sounds like it worked out well for your friend.

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