HaShem is Always Watching, Searches, and Modern Orthodoxy

11 02 2007

Here’s an amusing story I overheard a couple days ago.  An observant family I know was out on a walk on Shabbos and their two year old wanted to be carried home.  The mom explained that she couldn’t carry him, it was Shabbos and HaShem didn’t want her to carry him.  At this point, the two year old, being fairly clever, asked where was this HaShem, and why did it matter what He wanted.  “HaShem is everywhere, and even though you can’t see Him, He can always see you and is always watching what you do.”  As much as I love and agree with what she was trying to say, all I could think was ” HaShem, Big Brother.  Ever seen them together?”

Also, there are a few searches that have refered people to my blog that I don’t quite understand. 

conversion AND process AND judaism AND orthodox 

orthodox judaism  – Wow, how many pages of stuff did people have to look through to find my blog from those search terms?  Anyway, welcome!

is it wrong for goyim to keep shabbat? – This one really bothered me when I saw it, since I’m very careful about not using words like that.  I am in fact in the first page of results when you search for those terms on Google, but sadly it doesn’t refer you to the page with the post that answers that question (See here) but to the page with this post, which uses the search terms. 

arlo guthrie – I am so sorry that you must have come through about a million pages of search results just to find thisI have no idea what you were looking for, but I sure how you found it. 

Lastly, excellent post by Chana hereabout cultural Modern Orthodoxy, and what I think of as Religious Modern Orthodoxy.   I wish my writing were as clear and articulate as hers, the post is long but well worth reading through. 




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