Friday fun!

16 02 2007

No time to write a long post, since I need to get ready for Shabbat, but here are a couple fun things.

First, some searches:

what Jews would eat for dinner as 3 cou…   The search terms I got were cut off, but i’m thinking 3 couples?  three courses?  couches?  coughs?  cougars?  I’m not sure, but there are some very amusing options.

is my name chavvy?-  I wouldn’t trust any results you got for this one, search engines are notoriously bad with personal pronouns.

do convert before wearing star david- Well, that answers the question I asked here

best thing about being a jew – This one is totally my favorite.  I come up as the 3rd hit on Google for this.  🙂 heeheehee…

 The Itche Kadoozy Show

It’s a Sesame Street style puppet show about Jewish topics made by  Not all of them are great, but enough are that it’s worth watching through them.  Here’s one about Friday Kiddush, and one about this week’s parsha.  Very cute!

Hope you all have a wonderful Shabbat, and that the snow lets up soon.  🙂




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