Inappropriate Shabbat Themes

21 02 2007

Yesterday, for those of you how missed it, was Mardi Gras, which means that this week Hillel is hosting “Mardi Gras Shabbat”, with chicken sausage jambalya.  That’s right, we’re having a Shabbat dinner to celebrate a Catholic Holiday!  I think this could be the start of a whole series of Shabbatot (Is that the correct plural?  I feel like Shabbat is feminine, but it looks masculine. Irregular perhaps?)  that are themed around other religions holidays.  For example:  Ascension ThursdayShabbat: Communion wafers for motzi!.  Ramadan Shabbat: Only grape juice for kiddush, and no Shabbos lunch, but a wild party in the evening!    Kwanzaa Shabbat:  Multicolored Shabbos candles.   Saturnalia Shabbat.  (Actually the Latin class at my highschool celebrated Saturnalia every year.  They sacrificed a lamb shaped cake with raspberry filling.  It was delicious.) I think this is a great idea, really working on interfaith understanding 🙂  Any other great ideas? 

Anyway, the weather here is beautiful today.  It was a balmy 32 degrees out!  All the snow is melting, and it was sunny and gorgeous.   What a day. 




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22 02 2007

Hmm, good question. Shabattot is correct. And if that is a masculine form of plural, then how can Shabbat be the “bride”?

22 02 2007

-ot is the feminine plural, -im is the masculine. Also, there are a lot of words that are feminine, but take -im as the plural, and masculine words that take -ot but they’re irregular. Shabbat is actually an irregular feminine I think, since normally feminine words end in -ah (-ה), so it might have taken the irregular plural as well, shabbosim.

25 02 2007
Mike S

Shabattot is correct, but you will hear those influenced by the Eastern European tradition say “Shabossim”.

25 02 2007

Ha! So that’s why they both sound correct, I’ve heard them both. Thanks Mike, that clears that up!

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