People who don’t think things through bother me.

26 02 2007

OK, maybe someone else can explain this to me, since it makes NO SENSE to me. 

My friend who has informed me in no uncertain terms (I believe the phrase was “You’re way too smart to fall for that”) that I am a traitor to all women by converting to Orthodox Judaism, is so worried about appearing tacky while she’s abroad in Jordan this semester that she’s unwilling to ask a man she doesn’t know for directions.  This is not a safety concern, since she said that the worst that would have happened was she would get hit on, just that she didn’t want to seem like a tourist.  What?  My actions are the equivalent of spitting in the face of the suffragettes, but people who arn’t willing to let women ask a man for directions are people we have to be worried about seeming tacky in front of?  How is it that it’s ok for people in Jordan to effectivly keep women in a box (because if you can’t talk to strange men in public, you are in a box.  What if you get lost, you have no way to get help.) but it’s completely out of line for me to be ok with not reading Torah in public?  It seems like one of these is way more restrictive than the other.  *headdesk* 

Ok, I’m done ranting now.  Go back to your regularly scheduled programming. 




4 responses

27 02 2007

Just ignore the stupid ones. As a good friend of mine is fond of saying, “People are stupid.”

27 02 2007

True, and for the most part I do ignore stupid people. The problem is that in all other ways, this particular person is really quite intelligent, and I just don’t understand why she doesn’t see the irony of what she’s saying.

27 02 2007

Honestly, if she’s in Jordan, I think she may have all sorts of “issues” with Torah Judaism.

27 02 2007

Muse- Absolutly she does have issues with accepting the authority of the Talmud (She says she accepts the written Torah, but still eats pork, so I’m not sure what to think about that.) I’m just confused that she doesn’t have the SAME issues with radical Islam. It’s the inconsistancy that bothers me more than anything else. (Although for what it’s worth, she does have good reasons to be in Jordan. She’s a comparative religion major, and it will certainly be interesting from a fieldwork perspective)
The ironic thing is she’ll be in Jordan over Pesach. So close and yet so far.

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