Well, this may explain some things

27 02 2007

People have always told me that I’m argumentative.  I think I’ve finally realized why that is, after looking at how I answer comments here.  I tend to answer everything anyone says with some other point that contradicts what they’ve said.  I very rarely say “yes, you’re completely right, thanks.” and leave it at that.  I do that in real life too, and I’ve never thought of it as being particularly argumentative, or as being indicative of my somehow needing to always be right.  I frequently do acknowledge that the other person made a good point, but as far as I’m concerned things rarely end there.  There’s no discussion if I don’t ask more questions, or try to find the holes in their argument.  If everyone just accepts what they’re told, it seems pretty boring to me.  Because of that, all my responses to everything tend to be along the lines of “Yes, but…” or even “I don’t think so, because”. 

 Apparently (and I honestly didn’t realize this before) some people see that as an attack on what they believe, or worse, on them as a person.  Anyway, I just thought I would clarify that if I mean to be rude or attacking, there will be no mistaking that that’s what I’m doing.  I have a fairly large and creative vocabulary, and am pretty good at coming up with new and inventive ways to rip people to shreds when they deserve it (and my threshold for that is pretty high).  Anything short of that, and you can be sure that I’m genuinely asking a question, and would be intersted in the answer. 

Now, if only I can get the people who know me in person to realize that…. 




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