Searches make my day

28 02 2007

Here are the most amusing recent searches:

~Where would a jew want to visit — I have no idea what would cause someone to ask this on google, but I just find it amusing.  The idea that there are places that all Jews would clearly want to visit is just so silly.  Like you could get everyone to agree on that.

~fun to read jews–  Hee, I’m totally the second hit on Google for this.  *snerk*

~funny stories of christians dating jews — Ooh, there was this one time, and …  Mm, yeah, not so much here.  Sorry. 

~amusing funny prayer before dinner —  All I can think of it “Yay G-d, lets eat!” with the little flag waving motion that generally goes with “And they were forced to eat Sir Robin’s minstrel.  And there was much rejoicing.  (yay!)” In other news, is it bad that I know all the words to the Brave Sir Robin song?  Both the first half (He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways…) and the second (Brave Sir Robin turned about, and gallantly he chickened out….)  Ok, make that “all the words to that entire movie.  including the Knights who until recently said Nee”  Actually, come to think of it, I know most of Life of Brian too.  (“It says: “Romans go home.’ ”  “No it doesn’t, it says ‘The people called the Romans, they go the house’ “)

~Jason Robert Brown and religion —  I think he’s Jewish, but I’m not 100% sure on that.  I care less now that I’ve realized he’s way too old to be my dream guy.  And sadly, Josh Groban is only half Jewish (on his father’s side, and he was raised Christian.  Darn it. *searchs frantically for compromise that she knows is there to be made*)

~what can i offer as a convert jew- Ok, so it’s not funny, but this search doesn’t send you to the post where I actually talk about this.  Here’s the real post on this subject.  And here’s the follow up to that post. 




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