Alright, I know what my least favorite part of Judaism is

1 03 2007

Fasting.  Hate it.  Ok, maybe hate is a bit strong, but really really really really dislike it.  Not so much because I’m hungry yet, I ate last night.  And (when I remember before I go to bed) I’ve pretty much figured out the not being hungry part.  Drink lots of water the few days before, and eat lots of carbs then so your body has some way to store that water.  (Incidentally, that’s why you lose lots of weight right away on low carb diets, it’s all water weight that you’re losing, not fat or anything like that)  Then, right before the fast, have lots of protein (Personally, I go for chicken, but anything high protein will work.  For me, it’s much easier to be ok with eating meat right before a fast, since I can’t have any dairy for the next day anyway.)  And that worked really well for me on Yom Kippur.  I wasn’t hungry until about 7:00, and the fast was over at 740ish, so I was fine.  It completely eliminates any sort of benefit you might get from skipping calories for a day, but still.  I’ll live with that if it means that I don’t spend the day so hungry I can’t focus on davening. Of course, I’m already hungry now, since I forgot about this fast till last night, and so I’m both hungry and thirsty, and the fast is over at 6:15, but my bio lab, the one where we’re working with bacteria, starts at 6:15, and isn’t over till 945.  It’s not fair.  At all.  (also, I sort of offered to go help cook Shabbos dinner today.  Oops.) 

Anyway, it’s not the being hungry that bothers me.  It’s that I have nothing else to do.  On my own, I don’t ever really eat meals.  I just snack, constantly.  It’s a lot of healthy stuff, fruit, steamed soybeans, apple sauce, etc.  but it’s constant.  I sit at my computer, and do my homework and I eat.  And now, I can’t eat.  It’s extremely disconcerting.  And it’s not as if I can even distract myself by doing things that I don’t normally associate with eating, since I’m constantly snaking.  Only 7 hours to go.   Sigh.   At least it’s almost Purim. 🙂




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1 03 2007
PB and J

personally, i think that fasting doesnt have to be a heavy burden. i have found that fasting from food has often brought me a renewed enjoyment of G-d.

at the same time, Isaiah 58 talks a lot about what true fasting is. i think that as we fast, we must remember that G-d desires more than just ritual sacrificing of our desires. He wants us to love the widow and the orphan, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to break oppression, etc. This can be so enjoyable. In fact, i think this is the best part of judaism.


1 03 2007

Oops, I didn’t even realize it was a fast day. Bad future convert, bad. Anyhoo, I’ll keep your fasting advice in mind next time a fast day rolls around. Maybe then I won’t fudge it up.

1 03 2007

Peter- I agree, it’s not a huge burden, it’s really just an annoyance. It’s so much a habit that cuting out eating from my daily plan just leaves me compleatly adrift.

Camilla- Heh, I had 8 postit notes up in my room to remind me it was a fast day, otherwise I’m sure I would have forgotten to. (Yeah, I live in a dorm room. There was one note on my door, one on the mirror above my sink, one on my fridge, one on my microwave (which is siting on the fridge) one on my bowl of fruit (on the microwave), one on my comp, one on the shelves with my food, and one on the full length mirror on my wall. Yes, those were all needed. 🙂

1 03 2007

I live in a dorm room too, and I’ve never had any luck with the whole post it note thing. I mean, I would have to put up post it notes to remind me, and then I would have to put up post its of a different color to tell me to read the other post it notes. Then I would have post it note wallpaper and no one wants that. 😛

2 03 2007

Yeah, the trick for me is to put them up in all the places I might look first thing in the morning, then I’m sure to see one of them. Also, I don’t normally have postits all over, so just seeing that it a reminder, and putting them all up the night before helps too.

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