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2 03 2007

So, I was thinking about the fast yesterday, and talking to one of my friends about fasting in different religions.  Apparently Catholics have it easy.  For them, fasting is one slightly smaller than normal meal, and then two other meals that together don’t add up to the first meal.  Easy!  Then I started to think about how at least I’m not Muslim, since they have 30 days of half day fasts like ours in a row.  Imagine 30 days of fasts in June, since the calender drifts.  At least our calender doesn’t drift like that because Pesach always has to be in the spring.  Except here’s the question:  What about in the Southern Hemisphere.  Seasons are opposite there.  When it’s spring here, it’s fall there.  So do they just push the holidays forward 6 months, so that when we’re celebrating Pesach, they’re just starting to gear up for the High Holidays?  That seems unlikely, but if that’s not the case, what’s the justification for having Pesach in the fall?  Is it just that Pesach needs to be celebrated when it’s spring in Israel?  Surely this has been asked before, and someone knows the answer.  Any ideas?

Anyway, it’s Purim tommorrow evening! Hope everyone has a wonderful Chag, and stay safe! 

Good Shabbos, and Chag Sameach!




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3 03 2007

As a convert to Judaism from Catholicism – it wasn’t always that way with fasting. When I was very little fasting from Saturday night to Sunday was serious business at our house. Only when I went away to college did I start getting more lax about the whole thing. Then things got laxer and laxer. I am glad I converted!

I will be trying to write more on my blog about my conversion experience – its been difficult but satisfying. I was invited to a new shul today (I have been shul shopping) and I am grateful that Hashem sent me a Purim gift like that today! When I get back to NY I will be making a Shabbos date.

That’s one thing I like about Judaism – its dependable.

Chag Sameach!

4 03 2007

Barbara- I wonder if it’s something that varies within different Catholic congregations. My friend was saying it was like that for his parents growing up, so it’s clearly been like that for a while.
Enjoy visiting the new shul, and best luck finding the right community for you!

4 03 2007

Thank you Emily!

It does vary. That’s the thing about Catholicism and, imho – many Christian faiths. It can vary according to the Congregation. They read their Bible and then do their own thing. Not good. In fact in a book called the War Against the Jews it talks about how Catholics, in particular – throughout time – just did their own thing in “the name of God.” Kinda like an evangelical who has sex with a male prostitute and takes Meth and then is cured in a couple months at some clinic.

Catholics, years ago – used to be able to by indulgences – for others like nuns, to prey for you. Yeah you can PRAY your way into heaven. Oh and confession? Well you can at like a Jerk right after Mass on Sunday through Friday but go to confession on Saturday and it Etch a Sketch forgiveness – a couple shakes and its all gone. No Teshuva, nothing.

Don’t get me wrong – those who are devout and those devout Christians are honoring God in their own way. My brother told me a great joke once –

Mr. Schwartz dies – goes to heaven – and St. Peter meets him at the gate.
“Mr Schwartz, we’ve been waiting for you – come on in”
Peter escorts Mr. Schwartz down a long hallway of rooms where people are partying like crazy. Over the door of each room it says: Hindu, Ba’hai, Shinto, Methodist, Presbyterian, and so on.
Peter says “come Mr. Schwartz our biggest room is for the Jews!! And there’s a party with food in there like you have never seen in your life!”
As he keeps walking – Peter turns to him and says “be totally quiet when we pass this next room.”
They pass and there are hundreds of people on their knees praying like crazy.
“Who are they?” asks Mr. Schwartz as they pass the room.
“Them?” says Peter “Oh those are the super right wing evangelical conservatives! They think they’re the only ones up here.”

Only God can decide. What WE can decide is what is best for us to serve him and where we belong in his plan for us to live decent lives and help others.

But I personally could no longer do something I didn’t believe in, that changed every time the Monsiegnor changed his mind and worship a Messiah who, while a very righteous and observant man who changed the world, did not mean to start a whole religion calling HIM God.

I am adding you to my links on my blog. I’d be honored if you’d do the same

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