Hebrew textbook funnies

6 03 2007

My Hebrew textbook is amazing. Here are parts of the three most recent assignments we’ve been given (All in Hebrew, the translation is mine):


Ruthi: Chana, Do you want to go to a movie?

Chana: No thank you. I am running to the Kotel (the Western Wall)

Ruthi: Why are you running? One can pray at the Kotel all day and all night.

Chana: But today there is a wedding at the Kotel. Now I am going home, showering, dressing and running there to the wedding.

Ruthi: Who’s getting married?

Chana: The friend of the husband of Yossi’s teacher.

Ruthi: You know the groom?

Chana: No.

Ruthi: The bride?

Chana: No, but I’m so excited!


Abba: Dina, you’re already 26! When are you getting married?


Hello Daniella-

I am 30.  I am pretty, nice, and with friends who like me forever.  So why and I not married?


I was reading these out loud while doing my homework, and everyone was laughing.  It’s just so…. Jewish….   🙂  Amusingly, as one of my friends put it, if the Nazi’s had written this text book, it would be being held up as the most antisemitic Hebrew text ever. 

Also, if anyone can tell me where spring went, I would love to know.  It’ s FREEZING here. 




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