What brings people here

9 03 2007

So I have another post I’m working on, but I’m still a bit upset by the incident, and so I want to wait a couple days before posting it.  Sunday, hopefully.

So, here are some searches instead of a real post:

“In Retrospect, That Was a Poor Choice”:  Sent people hereI hate to think why people are searching for that quote though, since there are so many possibilities, and not many of them are pleasant.  I hope whatever the problem was worked out. 

how does passover make a Jew feel:  Hungry, mostly.  Although on a more serious level, there’s a bunch of wonderful stuff in Passover about freedom and slavery, and people stepping up to do what is required of them, and people-hood. 🙂  For all my complaining, it’s a beautiful holiday, and I do love it.  8 days of no bread is rough though. 

start thinking like a jew:  Good luck with that one.  It’s interesting, I can’t honestly point to a specific moment when I started thinking of the Jewish people as “us” rather than “them”.  I do know it was after I started converting.  And I do know that it still feels odd to me, like I’m claiming something I have no right to claim (which I suppose is true, since I havn’t yet converted)  There are still several things that I don’t quite understand from a Jewish perspective, things that make perfect sense to my friends, but that I see as a giant wall (Like tying your shoes on Shabbat. It’s been explained to me, and I get it now, but it was really confusing for a long while.) Also, I’ve found that I’m far less inclined to still blame the Catholics for things like the inquisition.  Yes, it was awful, but they have, in point of fact, apologised.  And I truly think that Pope John Paul meant it.   I’m not sure that really answered anything, but I can’t really tell you how to start thinking like a Jew.  Read books, participate in events, and sooner or later it will happen. 

Names to choose from when I convert to be Jewish:  This is a decent list of Hebrew names.  Search with nothing in the box, and it will give you the whole list. 

Good Shabbos everyone!




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