I’m growing up. Yay?

11 03 2007

 The other day in Bio lab someone made the (mindblowingly stupid) comment that “Evolution disproves the existence of G-d.”  Now, I’m a very argumentative person, and as such couldn’t just let that go.  So I had to ask him how on earth he thought that.  Of course, he couldn’t’ come up with anything, since he managed to take the straw man argument as his own.  Evolution doesn’t say anything at all about the existence of G-d, so it’s just silly to say that it disproves it.

Anyway, after being shown to be a fool for making that claim, which he couldn’t support, he had to go bring up the whole issue of the middle east.  He, of course, thinks there will never be peace in the world, because there will always be evil people.  Therefore, it’s silly for religious people to believe that someday there will be peace.  This seems pretty defeatist to me, but whatever, that’s his prerogative.  What upset me was that he started in on Israel, and how they’re the real problem.  That if only Israel would give the Palestinians the freedom they want, there would be peace.  Which sort of contradicts his “There will never be peace” statement.  It was just really upsetting to hear him saying things like “33,000 people were killed in Lebanon this summer” or that it’s appalling that Israel isn’t allowing Palestinians to move freely around the West Bank, but when asked if he thinks that the lives of Israelis matter, just sort of mumbles something unintelligible, and then asks again why I don’t care that the Palestinians can’t go anywhere without going through checkpoints. 

The hardest part is that I actually do care quite a lot.  It does matter to me that these people are having a hard time, I hate every time I hear about some innocent child being shot in Gaza for wandering into the wrong place.  It’s absolutely horrible, and it tears me up that it keeps happening.  And I hate that people’s civil rights are being restricted.  (Because, yes, I do think being able to freely move around the country you live in is a civil right)  BUT, human lives matter more to me.  The human right to keep living trumps the civil right to go wherever you want.  And I hate being forced to make that choice, but if I need to, the choice seems pretty clear.  And it scares me that someone who is clearly intelligent can be so blind to things like that.  That he is willing to tell me that Hamas, despite what they explicitly say in their charter, doesn’t want to kill Israelis because they’re Jewish.  That he thinks Jews were treated really well in Arab nations up until the establishment of Israel, and because of that, while the Palestinians who fled in 1948 deserve to be given back the land they left, the Jews who were evicted at the same time don’t deserve anything.  Because I think if intelligent people can’t see those facts, and can’t acknowledge that Israeli lives matter too, then what hope do we really have of stopping these lunatics? 

Over the summer I had someone try to convince me that because more people had died in Lebanon than in Israel in the war this summer that Lebanon was clearly right.  It’s funny, because more than two times as many people died in the initial deaths in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima alone (not counting radiation deaths) than died in all of the London  Blitz.  It didn’t make them right, it’s what made them lose.  That’s how wars are won, sooner or later one side decides that the cost of continuing to fight is too high, and gives up.  And I think that people don’t realize that for Israel, the cost of not continuing to fight is actually higher than the cost of fighting, because for Israel to lay down arms and stop means that they will all be dead.  I don’t understand how people do get it, how people don’t realize that every time Israel makes an offer, the other side just asks for more, and keeps trying to kill us.  How can people claim to understand what these groups want, when they havn’t sat down and read the charters, which make it quite clear that they want everyone who’s not their brand of Muslim dead?  And if people here, smart people, don’t get that how can we ever hope that there will be peace sometime soon?  *sigh*

Anyway, the good news is that I made it through that whole discussion without mocking him, yelling, calling him nasty names or crying, which is pretty impressive for me talking about something that I care about.  I never used to be able to do that, so I guess practice helps.  I just wish I didn’t have to have these conversations quite so often. 

Anyway, I’ll be gone for the next several days, but I hope you all have a great week! I’ll be back Friday. 




One response

11 03 2007
Ha Tikvah

I certainly feel for you in that verbal clash – even as a Christian I get hammered for my stance on Israel (Pro!), although would clarify it somewhat in that I don’t fully support all of the current Government’s decisions at times, nor the actions of certain IDF soldiers. However, as you point out, such errors are not Israel’s alone – all Governments, and all armies make similar errors in a war situation yet the world overlooks them, because polictically it suits them. You’re also right in your view that Israel unlike most other countries cannot under any circumstances lay down its arms, or stop being proactive in its stance against its militant Muslim neighbours – the sad fact is that most in the West in particular, have little understanding of Muslim ‘war’ rhetoric – they assume these radical Muslims are fighting for ‘peace’ – not in a million years are they fighting for that – no, they’re fighting for dominance through land mass – Israel is the only block in their path of being a fully Muslim Middle East, but even if Israel gave up and literally died en masse today, the Muslims wouldn’t be happy and would then just find another enemy to fight (most likely the nearest Western nation). I always think about us here in N. Ireland where we had a similar type of war of sorts – while we thankfully have had peace for over a decade now, those of us living here have not in the least fallen for the IRA’s rhetoric that war is over and they will be democratic from here on. They were never fighting for a United Ireland – it’s just a great propaganda weapon in their war for pure power and control. And as our illustrious Labour Government has capitulated big time, and continually overlooked all the atrocities the leaders of Sinn Fein (the IRA’s political wing) personally carried out, they are now working their way rapidly to gaining the very thing they’d set out to. Their terrorist tack hasn’t failed in the least – they’re just playing extremely smart in lulling everyone into a false sense of security and discovering its working extremely well with our gullible (and tired) Government. I watch similar things happening within the Israeli Government which seems determined to ignore what it knows about this Muslim strategy and attitude (that to give in shows weakness, which should be stamped on), and continually capitulates to give its aggressors just what they’re demanding. To them and the world, all that shows (as here) is that terrorism pays and will pay quite well eventually. Your will just has to be stronger than theirs!

However, for me, thankfully neither the Muslims nor Israel itself has the final say on how this will all pan out – only G-d does and He has stated countless times in His Word that only when you can remove the stars from heaven or stop the world from turning, will He stop protecting and caring for His people. That doesn’t mean that He doesn’t allow many to have to suffer and even die in His overall Will for the nation, but just that the nation itself and the Jewish people will survive long after all the other major nations of the world (incl the UK/US) have disappeared!! There is huge strength to be had at the hands of His testing though, and it shows in the incredible resilience of the Jewish people worldwide – so to encourage you – lift up your heads, for your redemption in Messiah draws near 🙂 (Luke 21:28). Blessings, TKR

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