The upside to being grown up :)

16 03 2007

I’m planning on trying to spend this summer in Israel.  I’ve already talked about the Hebrew U program I’m applying to, but my first choice is actually a volunteer program with MDA.  I didn’t think there was a lot of chance that I would be able to go on that, since my mom was really nervous about me going on a non-university program, since she was concerned about security. Anyway, I figured that I would step up and see if by sending her an email addressing all of the things I thought she was concerned about, and explaining why she didn’t need to be as concerned as she was, and mentioned a bunch of other times when they’ve trusted me to be safe in situations that many, if not most, people would consider dangerous (travelling alone to big cities I’ve never been to, long hiking trips with just other kids in high-school, etc).  I also talked a lot about why I felt I would get more out of this program than the other. Fortunately, it paid off, and my parents have said to do which ever program I think I’ll get the most out of.  YAY!!

So I’ve started the application process.  I need to set up an interview, which I’m not 100% sure how that will go, since they say that it will be in Hebrew, or at least mostly in Hebrew, but on the application they have, their 4 questions about Hebrew fluency are:

-Are you familiar with the Hebrew alphabet?

-Can you read Hebrew with vowels?

-Have you studied Hebrew grammar in a formal setting?

-Size of your Hebrew vocabluary (10-50 words, 100-200 words, 200-300 words, more than 300 words)

Now, maybe it’s just me, but someone with a 400 word vocabulary in Hebrew (more than the top limit of the vocab size question) won’t really be able to effectively participate or understand an interview in Hebrew.  My Hebrew is ok.  At this point, I feel like I’m somewhere in the top half of my Hebrew class.  I think I’m one of the slowest readers, although other people have told me that’s not the case. (I seem like I’m good at reading because I hate having everyone see that I don’t know what I’m doing, so I read ahead one line from the rest of the class so I know what it says, and can just say it fluently then.  I think this means that what they hear me do in class is cheating, since it’s not a cold reading, it’s more of a recitation with the text in front of me, but the one person I’ve talked to about this says that everyone else does the same thing. Hmm….)

Anyway, other than the interview, I need to rank the cities they place students in.  People who have been on the program have suggested that I not go to a big city (Jerusalem, Haifa, or Tel Aviv) since they have more volunteers there than they know what to do with.  The other cities are (in no particular order):

-Be’er Sheva




-Kfar Saba


-Upper Nasereth


-Kiryat Gat



Anyone have suggestions about any of those cities?  I’m thinking probably not Sderot or Ashkelon since that will not make my parents more comfortable with me being there, but other than that I don’t really have a preference at this point.  Any information (comments, suggestions, etc) would be more than welcome!

Have a good Shabbos everyone!




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