Cleaning with Metaphor

18 03 2007


(Source) (For some reason, I can’t get the whole image to display.  If you click on it, you can see the whole thing, it’s pretty funny.)

I’m so wishing I could clean my room with metaphors.  I’ve recently found a very good reason not to do any of my Pesach cleaning till the Sunday before the first Seder (I cook in my room, so I’ll just need to do it all over then anyway.)  However, that’s unfortunately no excuse for me to not do other cleaning, so that the Pesach cleaning is easier.   And that will be a bit of a task, since my room is rather a disaster area.  And it’s big.  Sigh… 

On the upside, I have lots of gummy candy for Pesach, and some truffles, and macaroons, and a lot of chocolate covered matzah.  Unfortunately, I havn’t found any kosher for Pesach apple sauce yet, since that’s what I was hoping to have for breakfast.  Hopefully that will turn up soon, or else I’ll have to figure something else out.  Also, I need to figure out if I can/how to kasher my microwave. 

Also, it’s getting warmer!  All our snow was melted until it dumped about a foot and a half of snow on us over Shabbos.  G-d is laughing at me, I just know it. 

Hope you all have a good week!




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25 03 2007
Gavi Kaufman

BTW – you can theoretically kasher your microwave, depending on some criteria:

1. What the inside is made of?

2. How hot it gets when you heat stuff inside?

3. How much steam actually absorbs into the walls (a direct consequence of the answer to #2)?

Without more info, I couldn’t give a proper opinion.

See for a bare-bones discussion and basic procedure.

26 03 2007

The inside is metal, but it’s painted white. Also, I cook stuff in it for a pretty long time sometimes (20-25 minutes) so I imagine it gets pretty hot. Basically, I just need to get in touch with my rabbi and ask him. Also, I’m not sure I even need to kasher the microwave, since I can’t think of anything I would cook in it. We’ll see.
Thanks though, the website is pretty useful.

15 09 2010

make it more funny nigga

21 03 2012
Toenail Falling Off

HHHH Funny Dino!
It made me laugh

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