Very busy.

23 03 2007

Mm, I’ve been meaning to post a lot more, but I am so busy right now, it’s crazy. 

I had a phone interview for the MDA program I want to volunteer with this summer.  Now, the information on the website said that the interview would be in, or mostly in, Hebrew.  Expecting that, I spent all last night thinking up what questions I thought the interviewer was most likely to ask, and writing down full, coherent answers to them in Hebrew.  (Since I was going to have to deal with the disadvantage of a phone interview in a language I’m not completely fluent in, namely that it’s much harder to understand what people are saying without seeing their face, it made sense to make good use of the one advantage, and be able to read my answers, rather than come up with them on the fly.) I got up and hour and a half before the interview (at 8:30, which is really early at college) so that I would be awake enough to understand the Hebrew.  Little did I know that “in Hebrew, or mostly in Hebrew” meant “all in English, with one question about how much Hebrew I speak.” Can’t say I’m that disappointed, since I’m much better in English than anything else.  Anyway, the interview went really well, I think, so I have high hopes that this will work out.   I havn’t been accepted for sure yet, but she said all sorts of positive sounding things like “Oh, you’ll love this program then” and “This seems like the perfect thing for you” and “When you get here, you’ll spend a week in Jerusalem, and then go to the city you’ve been placed in.” We’ll see. 

The big thing about this is that I’ve realized that I can actually speak Hebrew, and that I can say most anything I need to say if I just try, and don’t fall into the trap of telling myself that I can’t. It’s pretty exciting.  🙂

Next week, I have a test, a paper due, and my room to clean for Pesach.  And I need to schedule make up meetings with all the teachers who’s classes I’ll be missing over the holiday.  To quote Wilie Wonka “So much time, so little to do.  Wait, scratch that.  Reverse it.”  Thank goodness I have a day off 🙂

Shabbat Shalom!

Note: If any of you know anything about the following towns, I would love to know more about them before I rank them on my application 🙂 Thanks!

-Be’er Sheva




-Kfar Saba


-Upper Nasereth


-Kiryat Gat






4 responses

25 03 2007

Take a look at a map. The towns are all over the country and vary greatly. I hope you get here and we can f2f.

25 03 2007

Muse- Yeah, I’ve done some research and I know where the towns are, but it’s so hard to find out what places are like from half way across the world. I have some idea where I want to be though, and everything is so close I’m tempted not to worry too much about where I get placed. Thanks though! I really hope this works out, it would be such a wonderful experince (and such a great chance to do something really productive.) I’ll be sure to let you know when I know what’s going on.

25 03 2007
Gavi Kaufman

Be’er Sheva: Be’er sheva is the gateway to the Negev, ~140 000 people. VERY sefardi town.


-Ashdod: Israel’s main port, home of Pittsburgher rebbe.

-Tiberius: nice city, lots of kivrei tzadikim. Hard to find kosher restaurants in downtown core.

-Kfar Saba


-Upper Nasereth: settlement created for the express purpose of having a jewish presence in Nazareth.


-Kiryat Gat


-Sderot: getting bombed by Kassams…

For MDA info, get in touch with my brother-in-law, Aryeh (“Mr. MDA”) Kaufman. Look him up in the Jerusalem phonebook (or indicate by comment that you wish to establish e-mail contact with me) .

26 03 2007

Gavi- So far I think Tiberius is my first choice. Few kosher restaurants is still better than the none I have here, and I’m willing to put up with a bit of food hassle for being right on the kinneret. (Day hikes! Yay!)

Sderot is my last choice. I go back and forth on how I feel about that, since part of me feels like I’m somehow wimping out to say that I’d rather not be there. That not wanting to be somewhere really dangerous makes what I would be doing over there somehow less valuable, and I’m being selfish somehow. And then the more rational ( i think) part of me says that that’s silly and that different people have different limits, and this is mine, and it has nothing to do with me being a bad person. I don’t know.

Feel free to get in touch with me by email, it’s becomingjewish (at) gmail (dot) com (I really thought I had that up here somewhere, but I guess not, oops) I’m in touch with the Jewish Agency office in NY, but havn’t spoken directly to MDA (since the Jewish Agency is organizing the program, and they’re dealing with that)

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