Sometimes people do listen to me!

17 04 2007

So, a couple weeks ago, I said that Disney needed to market more Disney Princess clothes to adults?  Well, they’ve done it!  It’s not quite as good as Disney Princess underwear, but it’s considerably classier.  That’s right, Disney Princess wedding dresses!  Woot!  It took some looking, but I did find pictures of the dresses

I like this one best:

142437263_belle02.jpg  142437293_belle03.jpg

🙂 And they’re looking at doing lots of other stuff too!  This is just the sort of news I needed today.  Nothing like a good dose of fantasy to help deal with the horrible reality of yesterday. 

In other news, the weather is disgusting.  It’s sleeting rain, and so so icky out.   Blech.  (And this is from someone who loves the rain.  This isn’t nice rain, it’s gross, dirty rain.)  I want spring back. 

Also, my voice jury is in a week.  I thought I had a month left.   At least this way I only have a week to panic about it?  Hopefully?  We’ll see…..




3 responses

19 04 2007

That dress is beautiful!

19 04 2007

I know! I love it! 🙂 Belle was always my favorite Princess (she has the best songs)

31 10 2007

esta muy bello se vestido… bye, kuidte

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