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17 04 2007

So I really was planning on writing something today, but the tragedy in Virginia sort of made anything I might say seem silly. 

Is it just that I’m becoming more aware of the insanity, and tragedy in the world as I get older, or is the world genuinely becoming a scarier place?  Where does this ever stop?  It seems like the whole world just keeps falling apart.  So tragic. 

Also, I’d just like to point out that no good can come from politicising this now.  It has nothing to do with Iraq, it had nothing to do with George Bush.  Can’t we just all mourn without turning this tragedy into a soapbox to yell about abortion, or the need for more concealed carry permits, or the horrors of television?  Can’t we all just mourn this, without trying to force our meaning onto it? 

Anyway, in an attempt to combat the seemingly endless bad news, a friend and I have started a new blog The Daily Happiness.  We plan to have at least one happy news story posted every day.  There are three so far, and I’m thinking this will be quite a lot of fun.  Nothing like stories of returned dogs to combat all the horrible news in the world.




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17 04 2007

Within the J-blogosphere, check out Kindness Happens.

17 04 2007
17 04 2007

May I suggest you read an old book, “Candide”?

17 04 2007

Ezzie- That’s a great site. I like that it’s not just big things, but little ones too. Thanks for pointing that out, I’d never looked at it.

Marcys- I’ve read it. Voltaire is fairly clever, although Candide (the character) is a bit of a pain. All things are for the best, in this, the best of all possible worlds just seems like such a defeatist attitude to have. Why bother trying to improve things, if this is already the best of all possible worlds.

18 04 2007

You can even join it if you wish – contact the owner of the SweetRose blog, she’ll be happy to let you join. And tell her about your site, as well.

18 04 2007

I’m glad you’re back to blogging again. 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your new blog, because you’re right, news is so negative nowadays.

19 04 2007

Ezzie- I’ll do that once I bother setting up a blogger account. 🙂 thanks!

Camilla- Well, back is sort of a reletive term. But yes, I’m certainly more back than I have been for the past couple weeks. Holidays just eat up your life, don’t they?

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