What brings you joy?

19 04 2007

Saw this at Sweet Rose Ramblings who got it from Jack.  I have real things to write, and I will get back to writing them soon, but for now, I think this will do.

Things that bring me joy(in no particular order):

  1. Mountains
  2. Looking at the ocean, in any weather
  3. The smell of evergreen trees
  4. Bread fresh out of the oven
  5. Thunderstorms (Playing in the rain and puddle jumping!)
  6. Curling up in a blanket with Hot Chocolate, and a good book
  7. A friend trusting me enough to talk to me about problems
  8. The smell of coffee (or lattes…. Lattes are good…)
  9. Finding (kosher!) jelly beans on sale for dirt cheap after Easter.
  10. Finally being able to really sing well (rather than just carry a tune)
  11. The Theater
  12. Long intellectual discussions about religion with people who understand what I’m saying, but still aren’t afraid to question me
  13. Puppies (of all ages)
  14. That I have at least one friend who will never ever leave me, no matter how bitchy I am to her, and another who I can go months without talking to, and years without seeing, and yet, we’re still close. 
  15. My brother. 
  16. The rest of my family too
  17. Hiking trips in the dessert, where we follow a damp spot in the sand all the way until it becomes a huge river
  18. Rock arches
  19. Watching House/British television with friends
  20. Reading Hebrew homework and realizing that I’ve just been understanding it, not translating
  21. Hugs from little kids
  22. My stuffed animals (Yep.  I’m 21, and I still love them.)
  23. Learning something fascinating
  24. The moment when you can see a child make the connection between something you’ve just taught them and their world, and you know that in some small way you made a difference to them
  25. Knitting and blocking knit shawls (When you wash them, and then stretch them out as much as you can and pin them that way until they’re dry.  They go from being heavy and lumpy looking, to open and airy and really beautiful.)
  26. Wearing hand knit socks
  27. Swishy skirts
  28. My “happy music” playlist
  29. Reading outside on bright sunny days
  30. New fallen snow, before it gets old and grey
  31. Watching Disney musicals and singing along
  32. Wandering around campus singing musicals with friends (We did all of La Vie Boheme from RENT once.  Strangely, this makes people think you’re drunk.  Who knew?)
  33. That my friends are crazy without any sort of substances.  🙂 
  34. My basil plant.  It sits by my window, and smells nice.  And makes good pesto. 
  35. Lighting candles (For Shabbat and Holidays, or just in general.  Fire is fun!)
  36. Star gazing, when you’re far enought away from a city to see all of the stars, and you realize that the night sky isn’t really all that dark after all

🙂  Have a good evening everyone!




2 responses

29 04 2007

Good list. I liked it.

30 04 2007

Thanks, it was fun putting it together!

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