Sunny Sunny Weather!!! :)

22 04 2007

So, the weather is beautiful out now.  🙂  Yay for spring finally being here.

I have a couple papers to write this week, and my voice jury on Tuesday (eek!), so I havn’t got the time to write too much right now. 

For now, go check out the JIB’s.  It looks like there’s some good stuff to look through there, far more interesting than I have time to be tonight!

Hope you’re all enjoying weather as nice as mine is this week!  I’ll see you all tomorrow.




4 responses

22 04 2007

I wish the weather was as beautiful here right now – right now it is raining and cold

23 04 2007

🙂 This is my payment for my horrible nasty wet icky snowy freezing cold winter that we JUST got out of (meaning this week.) This is my favorite time of year on campus, since it really feels like a sterotypical college campus, with everyone outside, playing frisbee, or reading, or tossing a baseball around 🙂 It’s just so perfectly out of a movie.
Hopefully your fall and winter won’t be too bad (you’re in Australia, no?)

24 04 2007

Nice here, too, perfect for Israeli Independence Day!

24 04 2007

🙂 Now, if only anyone on my campus were doing anything for Israeli Independance day…. You’d think Hillel would at least have had a BBQ or something! Oh well…. Glad you had good weather!

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