Back! (again…)

15 05 2007

Ok, so I have a good excuse for being gone so long.  I had no internet at home, since our provider was out of service for several days.  Yep.

 Anyway, I’m back now and preping for my trip to Israel.  I have so far gotten about a million vaccinations (well, three, but it feels like more), and made tons of lists of places I need to see, and things I need to get before I leave.  So exciting.  🙂

I’ve been home for a little less than a week now.  I hate packing my room, with a passion.  It was a bit easier this year than the last two, since I know I’ll be coming back to the same place, but even so, it’s hard.  You come into your room in September, and you unpack all your things.  You hang up your posters, and put your blankets on your bed, and turn on all your warm lights, that don’t flicker, and you put all your books on the shelf, and your food in the fridge, and the place becomes your room.  It’s not just an industrial dorm room, with no character, it’s your home.  And you live there for 9 months, and people visit, and you have dinners, and conversations there.  You study for tests, and write papers, and watch tv on your computer.  And then, after all that, after all that time making the room yours, you have to pick up, pack up all your things, put away your posters, and your lights, and your blankets, and your books, and you leave, and there’s nothing left in the room to tie you there.  There’s no longer anything in the room that says you lived there, nothing to speak to the things that happened there, the people who lived their lives there for so long.  And I know that the person who lives there after me won’t think of me anymore than I think of the people who lived there before I did (which is not at all, to be honest), and somehow that makes me sad.  I feel like in some way my whole life is being packed up, and put in boxes, that I’ll leave as little trace on the people there as I did on the room.  I know we don’t really keep in touch over summers even, how will we ever keep in touch after next year when we all leave, and start real life? 


At least I have a great summer to look forward to. 🙂  *Ignores existence of graduation*




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16 05 2007


18 05 2007

thanks! 🙂

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