Planning stuff

20 05 2007

So, this is basically a brain dump of everything I need to do while home:

– (Done) Replace my sandals.  The Teva flipflops that I love so much really only hold up to a years worth of wear.  Which isn’t bad, given that I live in them from spring to fall, but still, must be done. 

-travel clothes.  Lightweight tops that aren’t sleeveless or low cut.  Ha, like that will be possible….  Plan B: Knit lightweight cotton shrugs to go over sleeveless tops. 

-Go to yarn store. 

-Finish knitting shawl A, plan for shawl B to come with me to Israel.  sub-task) Figure out if I can fly to Israel with circular knitting needles in my carry-on bag. 

-(Done)Find a purse to bring with me.  Something big enough to hold a nalgene, and my notebook, but not awkwardly huge.

-Visit my friends, and HS teachers.  This is mostly done, but there are still a couple people left. 

-Pack.  Yeah, I’m going to ignore that for now.

-Make hotel/hostel reservations.  I really need to get on that….

-Find books to bring with me.  Yeah….




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