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31 05 2007

I’m at home for another week, then I’ll be flying off to Israel for (just under) two months.  EEK!

This is about when I start to panic……  Yeah…  So I will attempt to distract myself by writing about random things here:

Question:  Do I try to get in touch with my sort of friend who’s in Isreal this semester to get together and grab coffee while I’ll be there, or should I just ignore the fact that he’s there, and wait until the fall to talk to him?  If it were any other friend who was in Israel, I would defiantly try to meet up (Except the Birthright kids, who will be there while I am, but who are just too hard to get together with, since they can’t leave their trip at all.)

Note:  There is a list of security regulations a mile long for my program.  It’s tempting to laugh.   I am only allowed to ride in cars with yellow licence plates, and only on two bus lines, and we can’t cross the green line for any reason at all, ever, well, unless we want to go into the Old City, but even then we can only go to the Jewish Quarter, and only through one gate, and only in groups, and on and on like that for about a page and a half.   Laughing is perhaps not the right response, but it is amusing. In a really dark way. 

Note B:  Most of the stuff from my list is done.  Really, all I need to do now is pack and finish the shawls.  And get coffee with one person, and dinner with another.  One more week should be fine.  Should be.  I keep telling myself this….   

Note C:  Amazingly, I should be posting more once I’m in Israel, rather than here, since I’ll be setting up a blog for my friends and family to read, and I’ll most likely cross post some of that stuff here.  🙂  Sorry for being gone so long, but home is really a different schedule than school, and I spend much much less time at my desk, working on my computer.  What at school is easy to do as a half hour break from work at home becomes something I need to set aside time specifically for, and that’s much harder, especially when I’m trying to spend as much time with my family as I can.  I can say, however, that I miss writing, and keep meaning to get back to it.  🙂  Thanks!




3 responses

31 05 2007

Re: only being allowed to travel in cars with yellow license plates

The cars with green (or also white) license plates aren’t going to be carrying your best friends, to say the least. A “P” on a license plate is a good indicator not to get into that car. The same friendly people can also be found in some cars with yellow (Israeli) license plates, but Jews in Israel only drive cars with yellow license plates.

Will the organizers of the program know if you don’t stick to every one of those rules? Will you get kicked off the program if you don’t abide by all of the rules to the letter?

Aren’t they aware of the fact that one is more likely to die in a car accident than a terrorist attack in Israel? It’s kind of ironic that they’re putting you at greater risk in their efforts to keep you safe.

It’s kind of sad that they’re making the participants prisoners in their own country.

31 05 2007

Oh, sorry I forgot- have fun this summer, and enjoy everything!

When is your flight?

Safe travels.

31 05 2007

Tnspr- Honestly, the requirements arn’t that bad, the only thing we can’t do that I would be likly to do otherwise is wander around the whole of the old city. We’re given way more freedom than people on, say, Birthright trips, where you’re not allowed out of sight of the program coordinators, or into malls, or any crowed public space. We’re given a lot of freedom to tour the country on our own. And yes, car accidents are fairly common, but people are used to the risk of car accidents. We’re not used to the risk of some lunatic blowing you up (at least not in the US). I don’t know how closely we’re monitered to see if we’re following the rules, but they do say they’ll kick you out of the program if you’re caught. Being the sort of person who really shys away from breaking the rules without a really really good reason (never skipped class in highschool, etc…) I don’t really see myself doing anything they’ve said we can’t.

I fly out on the 7th. 🙂 Should be a fun summer!

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